NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for Design of Hydraulic Structures

Design of Hydraulic Structures Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

CE 331 Design of Hydraulic Structures [3 0 2 4]

Dams: Gravity dams, arch and buttress dams and earthen dams, also introduction about rivers

and canal projects in Punjab.
Canal Falls: Necessity and location, types of falls and their description, selection of type of falls,
principles of design, design of Sarda type, straight glacis and inglis or baffle wall falls.
Canal outlets: Essential requirements, classification, criteria for outlet behaviours, flexibility,
proportionality, sensitivity, etc. Details and design of non-modular, semi-modular and modular
Distributory Regulators: Off take alignment, cross regulators-their functions and design,
Distributory head regulators – their functions and design, canal escape.
Cross Drainage Works: Definitions, choice of type, hydraulic design considerations. Aqueducts
their types and design, siphon aqueducts their types and design considerations, super passages,
canal siphons and level crossings.
Diversion Head Works: Foundation and investigations: component parts of a diversion head
work and their design considerations, silt control devices.
Theory of Seepage: Seepage force and exit gradient, salient features of Bligh’s Creep theory,
Lane’s weighted Creep theory and Khosla’s theory Determination of uplift. Pressures and floor
Design of Weirs Weirs versus barrage, design consideration with respect to surface flow,
hydraulic jump and seepage flow. Design of a barrage or weir.
Energy Dissipation Devices: Use of hydraulic jump in energy dissipation, Factors affecting
design, types of energy dissipation and their hydraulic design.
Books Recommended:
1. Sharma S K “Design of Irrigation Structures” S. Chand & Company (Pvt.) Ltd., New
2. Murty C S “Design of Minor Irrigation and Canal Structures” Wiley Eastern Ltd. New
3. Garg S K “Irrigation Engineering & Hydraulic Structures” Khanna Publishers,
4. Arora K R “Irrigation Waterpower & Water Resources Engineering” Standard
Publishers Distributors, Delhi, 2003.
5. Asawa G L “Irrigation Engineering” Wiley Eastern Ltd., New Delhi 2001.

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