NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for Design of Concrete Structure I

NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for

Design of Concrete Structure I


CE 301 Design of Concrete Structure – I [3 1 0 4]

Introduction: Plain and Reinforced Concrete, Objectives of design. Structural systems.
Introduction to design philosophies.
Analysis of Beams: Working Stress Method, Assumptions made in theory of reinforced concrete
construction, moment of resistance of singly, doubly reinforced and flanged beams.
Limit State Method: Assumptions in analysis, Analysis of singly and doubly reinforced
rectangular sections, Analysis of singly reinforced flanged sections.
Design of Beams for flexure: Codal provisions for design as per IS 456:2000 according to
working stress and limit state method, Design of singly and doubly reinforced sections, Design of
flanged sections.
Design for Shear, Bond & Torsion: Shear Stresses in homogeneous rectangular beams, critical
sections, design shear strength of plain concrete, Design of shear reinforcement, Bond stress,
Anchorage development length, bond failure & bond strength,
Introduction to torsion in R. C. C. beams, General behaviour in torsion, Design of sections
subjected to torsion, shear and flexure.
Design of Slabs: One-Way and two-way slabs. Design of slab sections using IS method.
Introduction to flat slabs.
Design of Continuous beams and slabs: Analysis of continuous systems General guidelines &
Codal provisions design and detailed drawings of continuous beams and slabs.
Design of columns: Classification and effective length of columns, codal requirements, Analysis
and design of sections subjected to axial loading and axial loading combined with bending
Design of Isolated Footings: Types of footings, soil pressure under footings, General design
considerations and Codal provisions. Design of isolated, square, rectangular and circular
footings. Design of footings subjected to eccentric loads..
Books Recommended
1. Pillai U. and Menon D., “Reinforced Concrete Design” Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi
2. Jain A.K., “Limit State Design of R. C. C. Structures” Nem Chand & Sons, Roorkee
3. Varghese “Limit State Design of Reinforced Concrete” Prentice Hall of India, New
Delhi (2003).
4. Dayaratnam P., “Design of Reinforced Concrete” Oxford & IBH Publishers, New Delhi
5. Chandra R., “Limit State Design of Reinforced Concrete” Standard Book House, New
Delhi (2002).

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