NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for Construction Management

Construction Management Syllabus for

NIT Jalandhar


CE 403 Construction Management [ 3 0 0 3]

Introduction: Need of project planning & Management, value Engineering, time value of money,
construction schedule activity & event, bar chart, milestone chart, uses & draw backs.
PERT: Construction of PERT network, time estimate & network analysis, forward pass &
backward pass, event slack, critical path, data reduction.
CPM: Definitions, network construction, fundamental rules determination of project schedule,
activity time estimates, float types, their significance in project control, critical path.
Three phase application of CPM: Planning scheduling & controlling, updating an arrow diagram,
time grid diagram, resource scheduling.
Cost analysis & contract: Types of project cost, cost time relationships cost slopes, conducting
a crash programme, determining the minimum total cost of a project.
Factor affecting Selection of equipment: Type of equipment, depreciation cost, operating cost,
Economic life of equipment, maintenance & repair cost.
Earth Moving Machinery: Tractors & related equipment, bulldozers, scrapers, Power shovels,
dragline, hoes etc.
Construction Equipment: Grading / proportioning, batching mixing, types of mixers, concrete
pumps, placing & compacting concrete.
Hoisting & Transporting Equipment: Hosts, winches, cranes, belt conveyors, truck etc.
Books Recommended
1. Srinath L R “PERT & CPM” Affiliated East-West press (P) Ltd., New Delhi,1999.
2. Modi P N “PERT &CPM” Standard Book House Delhi, 1995.
3. Wiest J D “A Management Guide to PERT & CPM” Prentice Hall of India (P) Ltd,
New Delhi, 1997.
4. Peurify R L “Construction, Planning Equipment & Management” McGraw Hill
Book company, New Delhi, 1996.
5. Sharma S C “Construction Equipment & its Management” Khanna Publishers,
Delhi, 1990.

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