NIT Jalandhar Syllabus For Concrete technology III SEM

NIT Jalandhar Syllabus For Concrete technology III SEM

 NIT Jalandhar Syllabus – Civil Engineering

CE 209 Concrete Technology [3 0 0 3]

 Introduction: Concrete as a Structural material, constituent materials of concrete.

Cement: Types of cements, basic chemistry, heat of hydration, Testing of cement: Fineness,
consistency, setting times, strength, types of Portland cements, expansive cements, pozzolanas.
Aggregates: Classification of aggregates, Mechanical properties: Bond, strength, toughness,
hardness, physical Properties, Specific Gravity, Bulk density, porosity and absorption, Moisture
content, bulking of sand, sieve analysis, fineness modulus, grading of aggregate, maximum
aggregate size.
Mix Design: Factors to be considered: water/cement ratio, durability, workability, cement and
aggregate content, Design of mix by IS & ACI methods.
Physical Properties of Fresh Concrete: Workability: factors affecting, methods of determination
of workability, Density of fresh concrete.
Strength of concrete: Porosity, Gel/space ratio, Total voids in concrete, factors affecting
strength: Water/cement ratio, relation between tensile & compressive strengths; bond to
Mixing, Handling, Placing & compaction of concrete: Mixers, mixing time, ready mixed
concrete, pumped concrete, vibration of concrete, internal & external vibrators, re-vibration,
Permeability and Durability: Permeability, sulphate attack, action of frost, frost resistance
concrete. Special concretes: Polymer – Concrete composites, fibre reinforced concrete
Ferrocement, Roller compacted concrete, very high strength concrete.
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3. Gambhir M L “Concrete Technology” Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 1995.
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5. Mehta P K “Microstructure of Concrete” Indian Concrete Institute and ACC, Bombay,

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