NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for Computer programming


NIT Jalandhar



Introduction: Computer system, software and hardware concepts. Introduction to word processor and system software’s viz. MS Office.
Major elements of C++ program, Declarations of Variables, Body of Statements and functions, Identifiers, Keywords, Data types, Variables, Expressions, Statements, Type Conversions, Operators, Arithmetic operators, Unary operators, Binary operators, Char type, Cast operator, Precedence and Associatively of operations, Change of Precedence, Assignment operators, Bitwise operators, Shift operators, Relational operators, Loops, For loop and it’s variants, While loop, do-while loop, if statement, if – else statement, Switch function, Ternary operator, Logical operators, Break function, Continue function, Null statement, Goto Function.
Defining a function, Types of structure declarations, User defined data types, Nested structure declaration, Initialization of structures, processing structures with initialized values, Processing Enumeration data type, Unions
Function prototypes, Passing arguments to a function, Passing arguments by value, Returning value, Specifying arguments by data types, Passing arguments by reference, References, Passing arguments to a function by reference, Function Overloading, Inline functions, Recursion, Storage classes and scope
Class, Objects, Data Abstraction, Data Hiding, Encapsulation, C++ objects as data types, Scope resolution operator, Public and private member functions, Nesting of member functions, Friend functions, Constructors, Destructors, Static data members and static member functions.
Array and operator overloading: Array, Operations on Arrays, Multi-Dimensional Array, Arrays as Class member Data, Use of Arrays within a class, Array of objects, Operator overloading, Overloading Unary operators, multiple overloading, and Overloading Binary operators.
Inheritance: Base class, Derived class, Visibility modes, Derivation and friendship, Types of Inheritance, Containership, Virtual functions, Binding, Pure Virtual functions, Abstract class, Pointers, Accessing the pointer’s object, Pointers and arrays, Operations on Pointers, Pointers and functions, structures and pointers, Pointers to objects, this pointer.
Stream class: hierarchy, Stream classes, String I/O, Reading and Writing Strings, Character I/O, File Pointers, Random Access, Redirection, Command line arguments, Printer output, Overloading extraction and insertion operators, File updating.
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