NIT Jalandhar syllabus for Civil Engineering Materials

NIT Jalandhar syllabus for Civil Engineering Materials

NIT Jalandhar – Civil Engineering Syllabus

CE- 207 Civil Engineering Materials [3 0 0 3 ]

Building Stones: General, Uses of stones, natural bed of stones, qualities of a good building

stone, deterioration of stones, preservation of stones, artificial stones, common building stones of India and their uses.
Bricks: General, Composition of good brick earth, Harmful ingredients in brick earth, qualities of
good bricks, tests for bricks, classification of bricks.
Lime: General, some definitions calcination, Hydraulicity, setting, slacking, sources of lime,
classification of limes, uses of lime, tests for limestones.
Cement: Constituents of Cement, Manufacture of Portland cement
Timber: Definition, classification of trees, structure of a tree, felling of trees, seasoning of timber,
storage of timber, market forms of timber.
-Mortars and plasters
-Glass for building
-Paints and varnishers, white washing, colour washing and distempering
-Industrial timber products
-Concrete blocks
-Construction chemicals
Books Recommended:
1. Rangwala S C “Engineering materials” Charotar Publishing House, Anand, 2000.
2. Ghose D N “Materials of Construction” Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 2003.
3. Varghese “Building Materials” Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi. 2005.

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