NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for Building Construction IV SEM

Building Construction Syllabus for

NIT Jalandhar IV SEM


CE-208 Building Construction [3 0 0 3]

Brick Masonry: Definitions of various terms used, bond – definition, need and scope, type of
bonds – Stretcher bond, Header bond, English bond and Flemish bonds, their merits and demerits.
Stone Masonry: Rubble and ashlars work.
Hollow block Masonry: Hollow cement concrete block masonry and hollow clay block masonry.
Walls: Types (i) load bearing and (ii) Non-load bearing walls, Thickness considerations.
Damp Proofing: Causes and ill – effects, preventive measures
Arches and Lintels: Definitions of various terms used in arches, Types – Flat, segmental, semi –
circular and Horse – shoe, brick and stone arches, types of lintels, their merits and demerits.
Floors: Constituents, various types of floors commonly used and their suitability for different
buildings, constructional details of concrete and terrazzo floors.
Doors and Windows: Location and sizes, types of Doors and windows, Method of fixing door
and window frame in walls, ventilators.
Sloping roofs: Definitions of terms used, wooden trusses – king post and queen post truss, steel
trusses – fink, fan and north light truss roofs, Jack arch roofs.
Stairs and Staircases: Definition of terms used, Essential requirements, proportioning of steps,
types – straight flight, quarter turn, half turn and spiral staircases, mention of ramps, escalators
and lifts.
– Footings-types and details
Miscellaneous topics (to be covered briefly): Plastering and Pointing. White washing, colour
washing, distempering and painting, Scaffolding, underpinning and shoring, Building Bye-laws.
Books Recommended:
1. Rangwala S C “Engineering materials” Charotar Publishing House, Anand, 2000.
3. Bindra & Arora “Building Construction” Dhanpat Rai Publications (P) Ltd, New Delhi,
4. Sinha S K and Jha J “Building Construction” Khanna Publishers, New Delhi, 2001.
5. Rangawala S C “Building Construction” Charotar Publishing House, Anand, 1993.
6. Ghose D N “Materials of Construction” Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 2003.

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