NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for Analysis and Synthesis of Networks

Analysis and Synthesis of Networks EC Syllabus

NIT Jalandhar

Third Semester

EC-201 Analysis and Synthesis of Networks [3 1 0 4]
Circuit Concepts: Review of circuit concepts, DC Resistive Circuits and Network Theorems: Kirchoff’s
voltage law, Kirchoff’s current law, Voltage division and current division, Series parallel Network reduction,
Loop and Mesh currents, Matrices and Mesh currents, Determinants and mesh current Input résistance, Node
voltage method. (9)
Network Theorms: Superposition theorem and its application, Thevenin’s and Norton’s theorem and its
application, Maximum power transfer theorem, Tellegen’s theorem, Millman’s theorem, Substitution
theorem, Compensation theorem. (8)
Network Graph Theory: Concept of a network graph terminology used in network graph relation between
twigs and links, Properties of a tree in a graph, Formation of incidence matrix, No. of trees in a graph, Cut
set matrix and tie set matrix. (5)
Laplace Transformation: Introduction, The Laplace transformation, Some basic theorems for the Laplace
transformation, Partial fraction expansions, Initial and final value theorem, Heaviside’s expansion theorem.
Network Synthesis: Network functions, Impedance & Admittance function, Transfer functions,
Relationship between transfer and impulse response, poles and zeros and restrictions, Network function for
two terminal pair network. Sinusoidal network in terms of poles & zeros. Real liability condition for
impedance synthesis of RL & RC circuits. Network synthesis techniques for 2-terminal network, Foster and
Cauer forms. (10)
Filters Synthesis: Classification of filters, characteristics impedance and propagation constant of pure
reactive network, Ladder network, T section, IT section, terminating half section. Pass bands and stop bands.
Design of constant-K, m-derived filters. Composite filters. (5)

Books Recommended
1. Van-Valkenberg M E “Network Analysis”, PHI, New Delhi, Third Edition (1999)
2. Van-Valkenberg M E, “Introduction to Modern Network Synthesis”, John Wiley & Sons (1999)
3. Nahvi M, Edminister J, “Scaum’s Outline of Electric Circuits (Theory and Problems)”, TMH
Publication, Fourth Edition, (2002)
4. Balabanian N, Bickert Theodare A, “Linear Network Theory: Analysis, Properties, Design and
Synthesis”, Matrix Publishers, First edition (1985)
5. DeCalro R A, Lin P M, “Linear Circuit Analysis”, 2nd Ed. Oxford University Press, Indian Edition

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