NIT Jalandhar Syllabus Communication1st Year

NIT Jalandhar Syllabus Communication 1st Year


HM-102 English Communication

1. Communication: Meaning, its types, significance, process, Channels, barriers to communication, making communication effective, role in society.
2. Business Correspondence: Elements of business writing, business letters, components and kinds, memorandum, reports writing, purchase order, quotation and tenders, job application letters, resume writing etc.
3. Discussion Meeting and Telephonic Skills: Group discussion, conducting a meeting, attending
telephonic calls, oral presentation and role of audio visual aids.
4. Grammar: Transformation of sentences, words used as different parts of speech one word
substation, abbreviations, technical terms etc.
5. Reading Skills: Process of reading, reading purposes, models, strategies, methodologies, reading activities.
6. Writing Skills: Elements of effective writing, writing style, scientific and technical writing.
7. Listening Skills: The process of listening, the barrier to listening, the effective listening skills,
feedback skills.
8. Speaking Skills: Speech mechanism, organs of speech, production and classification of speech
sound, phonetic transcription, the skills of effective speaking, the components of effective talk.

Books Recommended

1. Rodriques M V, “Effective Business Communication”, Concept Publishing Company New Delhi, 1992 reprint (2000)
2. Bhattacharya. Indrajit, An Approach to Communication Skills. Dhanpat rai Co., (Pvt.) Ltd. New Delhi
3. Wright, Chrissie, Handbook of Practical Communication Skills. Jaico Publishing House. Mumbai
4. Gartside L, Modern Business Correspondence. Pitman Publishing London
5. Day, Robert A., How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper. Cambridge University Press Cambridge
6. Gimson A C, “An Introduction to the Pronunciation of English”, ELBS. (YP)
7. Bansal, R K and Harrison J B “Spoken English”, Orient Longman Hyderabad.

HM-104 English Communication Laboratory [2 0 0 2]

1. Business Letters:
– Structure of business letters, language in business letters.
– Letters of inquiry & their places.
– Sales Letters
– Memorandum, Quotations/tenders
– Bank correspondence
– Letters of application and appointments
– Resume writing
2. Report Writing
3. Conducting a Meeting
4. Minutes of Meeting
5. Oral Presentation
6. Group Discussion

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