NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for Finite Element Methods in Engineering

NIT Jalandhar Finite Element Methods in

Engineering Syllabus


CE 439 Finite Element Methods in Engineering

Introduction, background and applications, general description of the method, summary of the
analysis procedure, matrix theory, differential equations.
Review of Solid mechanics: Equations of equilibrium, stresses and strains, strain displacement
relations, linear constitutive relations, two – dimensional elasticity, non-linear material behaviour,
material characterization.
One – dimensional finite elements: The concept of an element, various element shapes,
displacement models, finite element modelling, coordinates and shape functions, stiffness matrix,
the finite element equations and treatment of boundary conditions.
Two-dimensional finite elements: Introduction, two-dimensional boundary value problems,
various element shapes, constant strain triangular elements, quadrilateral elements, natural
coordinates, connectivity and nodal coordinates, problem modelling and boundary conditions.
Two-dimensional Isoparametric Elements: Introduction, the four-nodded quadrilateral element,
numerical integration, interpolation formulas and shape function formulas, computations of element
stiffness matrix.
Beams and Frames: Introduction, finite element formulation, load vector, boundary conditions,
displacement method for beam analysis, beam finite elements, shear force and bending moment,
plane frames.

Books Recommended
1. Desai C S and Abel J F “ Introduction to the finite element method” CBS Publishers
and Distributions, Delhi, 2004.
2. Buchanan G R “Schaum’s Outline Series, Theory and Problems of Finite Element
Analysis” McGraw Hill International Edition/Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 2004.
3. Chandrupta T R and Belegundu A D “Introduction to Finite Elements in Engineering”
PH I, New Delhi,1997.
4. Krishnamoorthy C S “Finite Element Analysis – Theory and Programming” TMH
Publishing Co. Ltd. New Delhi, 2002.
5. Bathe K.J., “Finite Element Procedures”, Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi, 1997.

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