NIT Jalandhar Entrepreneurial Development and Management Syllabus

Entrepreneurial Development and Management  Syllabus NIT Jalandhar


 Entrepreneurial Development and Management 


Entrepreneurship Development: Meaning, objectives, scope & philosophy, type of entrepreneurs, factors affecting entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial qualities, need for promotion of entrepreneurship & small business, linkage between entrepreneurship and economic development, problem of increasing unemployment, creativity & entrepreneurship, harnessing locally available resources.

Entrepreneurship Support System: SIDBI, SISIs, SSIEC, SFCs, DICs, NSIC, EDI (Ahmedabad), NRDC, NIESBUD, PSIEC and Technical Consultancy Organisations.

Project Report Preparation: Planning a small scale industry, identifying business opportunities, project report & its importance, various contents of project report: managerial & entrepreneurial capabilities, socio-economic benefits, demand analysis, technical feasibility and financial viability.
Introduction to Marketing Management: Brief introduction to various types of product strategies, pricing strategies, channel strategies and promotional strategies.

Introduction to Production Management: Types of production systems, production planning and control, functions of production manager & materials management.
Introduction to Human Resource Management: Manpower planning, recruitment, selection, placement & induction, training & development, compensation.

Introduction to Financial Management: Sources of finance and working capital management.

Books Recommended:

1. Prasanna Chandra, “Projects : Planning, Analysis, Selection, Implementation & Review”, Tata McGraw Hill
2. Kenneth R., Van Voorthis, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.
3. B. Gupta & N.P. Srinivasan, “Entrepreneurial Development”.
4. Gopala Krishnan & V.E Rama Moorthy, “Project Management”, Macmillan India Ltd.
5. Jose Paul and Kumar Ajith N, “Entrepreneurship Development and Management”, Himalaya Publishers,
New Delhi (2000).

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