NIT Hamirpur SyllabusBuilding Material and Construction


NIT Hamirpur SyllabusBuilding Material and Construction 



Building Material and Construction 

Masonry Construction:  Introduction, various terms used,  stone masonry, classifications of stone

masonry, safe permissible loads, brick masonry, bonds in bricks, laying of brick work, defects in brick

masonry, reinforced brick work, composite stone and brick masonry, glass block masonry.                  

Foundation: Function, types of shallow foundation, types of deep foundations.                            

Cavity and Partition Walls:  Position of cavity, constructional details and precautions, construction of

cavity wall. types of non-load bearing partitions.

Damp and Water Proofing: Defects and causes of dampness, prevention of dampness, materials used,

damp-proofing treatment in buildings, water proofing of roofs including pitched roofs.

Roofs and Floors: Various terms used, types of roofs, roof trusses-king post truss, queen post truss etc.

basement and upper floors, various types of floorings.

Doors & Windows: Locations, types of doors & windows, fixtures and fasteners for doors and windows.

Acoustics, Sound Insulation and Fire Protection:  Classification, measurement and transmission of

sound, sound absorber, classification of absorbers, sound insulation of buildings, fire-resisting properties

of materials, fire resistant construction and fire protection requirements for buildings.

Stones: Classification, requirements of good structural stone, quarrying, blasting and sorting out of stones,

dressing, prevention and seasoning of stone.

Brick and Tiles:  Classification, manufacturing, testing of bricks , constituents of good brick earth,

harmful ingredients, tiles, types of terra-cotta.

Limes, Cement and Mortars: Classification , manufacturing, artificial hydraulic lime, testing  lime and

storage of lime, cements composition, types of cement, manufacturing of Ordinary Portland Cement,

testing of cement, special types of cement, storage of cement, cement mortars, mortars for masonry and

plastering, flyash, pozzolona.

Timber:  Classification, structure, seasoning, defects, fire proofing of timber, plywood, fiberboard,

important Indian timbers.

Paints and Varnishes:  Basic  constituents, types , painting of wood, constituents  , characteristics and

types of varnishes.

Plastic:  Definition, classification of plastics, composition and raw materials, manufacturing,

characteristics and uses, special varieties.


A.M. Neville, Properties of concrete:

Surinder  Singh, Engineering  Materials

S.C. Rangawala, Building Material:

B.C. Punmia, Building Construction:

Sharma  and  Kaul, Building  Construction:

Shah  Kale  and  Patki, Building  Drawing :

Sushil Kumar, Building Construction:

Gurcharan Singh, Building Construction, Standard Publisher, New DelhiB. Tech Civil Engineering Course Scheme and Syllabus effective from July 2012 for 3





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