NIT Hamirpur Syllabus Surveying


NIT Hamirpur Syllabus Surveying- 



Basics of surveying:  Introduction to surveying; concept of Geoid and reference spheroids, plane and

geodetic surveys. Principles of surveying; Errors in measurements. Surveying instruments, Types of Maps,

scale and uses, plotting accuracy coordinate systems                                                                    

Leveling and contours:  Various terms; Methods of height determination; Spirit and trigonometric

leveling- different types of levels and staves; booking and reduction of data, profile leveling and cross

sectioning; curvature, refraction and collimation errors, reciprocal leveling. Contours, their characteristics,

uses and methods of contouring,                                                                                                  

Linear measurements:  Direct and indirect methods; Chain and tape measurements- corrections to tape

measurements; Optical methods- Tachometric measurements.                                                    

Measurement of directions: Bearings and angles; Compass surveying- magnetic bearings, declination,

local attraction errors and adjustments; Theodolite- different types, uses, methods of observation and

booking of data.                                                                                                                              

Plane table survey: Merits and demerits, accessories; orientation and resection; methods of plane tabling;

three point/two point problems and solutions; errors in plane tabling.                                           

Curve survey: Setting out of simple circular, compound, reverse, transition and vertical curves


Punmia .B.C., Surveying – Vol. 1&2

Arora.K.R., Surveying – Vol 1&2

A. M.Chandra, Plane Surveying

W. Schofield, Engineering Survey

. B. Tech Civil Engineering Course Scheme and Syllabus effective from July 2012 for 3





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