NIT Hamirpur Syllabus Ground Water Engineering






1. Ground water: Regional flow and geologic control of groundwater, water bearing formations,

aquifers, aquicludes and aquitards, confined and unconfined and leaky aquifers, ground water

origin, modes of occurrence, yield of water and water quality. Permeability, states of flow,

Darcy’s laboratory permeability tests, formation constants, flow through aquifers, storage

equations and differential equations governing ground water flow.  

2. Ground water exploration: Exploration by geologic and hydraulic methods, surface geophysical

methods, map and tracer techniques, Groundwater Interaction with Streams and Lakes. Model

studies of Groundwater: Digital computer models, application of F.D. and F.E. methods

(Elementary Treatment only). Artificial Recharge: Necessity ?Different methods of artificial

recharge ? Selection of method ? Examples of artificial recharge schemes adopted in India and


3. Well hydraulics: Governing flow, equilibrium and non?equilibrium well equations, effect of

hydro?geologic conditions on draw down, draw down from pumping tests, well interference and

well efficiency, radius of influence, recharge and boundary conditions, effect of partial

penetration, thesis equation.  

4. Design of well: Methods of well drilling, Cable tool method, California stove?pipe method, direct

rotary, drilling, drilling fluids, air and jet drilling, drilling with earth augers, grouting and sealing

of well casing. Casing diameter, casing material, well depth, well screens length, slot opening

and diameter, open area, entrance velocity, design of wells, Development of water wells,

method of development, back washing, mechanical surging.   

Text Books

1. Todd . D.K., Groundwater Hydrology, Johnwiley and Sons, New York.

2. Raghunath, H.M. ,Ground water, Wiely Eastern, New Delhi, 1989.

3. Ground water Engineering : K.R. Karanth  

Reference Books

1. Jacob Bear , Hydraulics of Groundwater, McGraw Hill, 1979.

2. Walton W.C., Groundwater Resources Evaluation, McGraw Hill Book Co., New York.

3. Abdel, Aziz Ismail Kashef, Groundwater Engineering, McGraw Hill Book Co., New York.

4. Ground water and well : F.G. Driscoll  

5. Manual of ground water and tube?wells technical report : H.D. Sharma and A.S. Chawla

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