NIT Hamirpur Syllabus for Surveying Lab


NIT Hamirpur Syllabus Surveying Lab


Surveying Lab

To determine the difference in elevation of two given points.

Profile levelling and cross sectioning of a given route.

To prepare the contour map of an area by the method of radial lines.

To measure the horizontal angle by reiteration and repetition method,

Theodolite traversing and error adjustment.

Determination  of  height  and  distance  using  Stadia  tacheometry

Plane tabling by radiation and intersection method.

Solution  of  Three  point  problem in plane tabling

Setting out of simple circular curve by offsets from long chord and by successive bisection of long chord.

Setting out of simple circular curve by radial and perpendicular offsets from tangent.

Setting out of simple circular curve by one theodolite and by two theodolite method

Use of total stationB. Tech Civil Engineering Course Scheme and Syllabus effective from July 2012 for 3





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