NIT Hamirpur Syllabus for Fluid Mechanics Lab



NIT Hamirpur Syllabus  Fluid Mechanics Lab




Fluid Mechanics Lab

To determine the metacentric height of a ship model

Verification of Bernoulli’s theorem

To calibrate a venturimeter and to determine its coefficient of discharge

To calibrate an orifice meter and study the variation of coefficient of discharge with the Reynolds number

To study the flow over V-notch (weir) and Rectangular notch and to find their coefficient of discharge

To determine the coefficient of discharge of a mouth piece.

To verify the momentum equation experimentally

To determine the coefficient of friction of pipes of different diameters.

To determine the form losses in a pipe line

To obtain the surface profile on the total heads distribution of a forced vortex

Flow measurement using Rotameter.

To differentiate between laminar and turbulent flow.

To verify Darcy’s law.B. Tech Civil Engineering Course Scheme and Syllabus effective from July 2012 for 3

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