NIT Hamirpur Syllabus Analysis of Structures

 NIT Hamirpur Syllabus Analysis of Structures-


 Analysis of Structures-

Simple Stresses and strains: Structure, Loads, Response, Hooke’s law, stress strain relationship,

Elastic constants and their relations, Thermal stresses                                                                                                                 

Internal forces in beams: Direct, Bending, shear and torsion forces, axial forces in trusses, Forces in

cables, arches and frames.                                                                                                             

Influence lines: For determinate beams, girders and trusses.                                                                   

Deflections in beams: Double integration method, Macaulay’s method, moment area Method,

conjugate beam Method.                                                                                                                   

Principle of virtual work: Castigliano’s theorems, unit load method

Plastic Analysis of beams and frames: Theory of plastic bending, plastic analysis, statical method,

Mechanism method.


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