NIT Goa syllabus Computer Science Engineering I Sem Unix Programming LAB




NIT Goa syllabus Computer Science Engineering | 1st Sem  UNIX PROGRAMMING LAB  






Introduction to Unix / Linux Operating System;. Basic commands- such as cp, mv, mkdir, rm, ls, ln,

grep, wc, find, sed, awk. Usage of gcc and gdb. Basic system administration skills. Usage of the vi

editor. Shell programming. Installation of the Linux Operating System and precautions to be taken.

Basics of Kernal modules. Introduction to Linux device drivers. MAKE Files.

Brian W.Kernighan, The Unix Programming Environment, Pearson Education 2003

Jeff Horwitz,Unix System Management-Primer Plus, Sams / Pearson Education, 2003

Mark G.Sobell, A Practical Guide to Red Hat Linux 8 Pearson Education, 2003. (The Linux Documentation Project)

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