NIT Goa syllabus Computer Science Engineering I Sem Microprocessor & Interfacing




NIT Goa syllabus Computer Science Engineering  1st Sem  MICROPROCESSOR AND INTERFACING 






Microprocessor Architecture, 8086, Instruction set, Subroutines, Programming examples, Software

development with Interrupts; Intel 80286, 80386; Programmable peripheral devices, 8255, 8253,

8259,8257, Motorola 68000 Processors, 68020, 68030; Mother boards, I/o bus, I/o channel, BIOS,

DOS,PC bus, Multibus I & II, VME, CRT Controller, Floppy disc Controller, Hard disc Controller,

CD ROM Drive, Serial Communication Controller, Pen drive, Mouse drive.

Doughlas V. Hall, Microprocessors & Interfacing, TMH, 2000

Govindarajlu, IBM PC & Clones, 2003.

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