NIT Goa syllabus| Computer Science Engineering I Sem Design of Digital Systems




NIT Goa syllabus| Computer Science Engineering | 1st Sem  DESIGN OF DIGITAL SYSTEMS 







Switching algebra and logic circuits; combinational and sequential circuits and their algorithmic

synthesis; Computer aided synthesis and optimization (introduction); Hardware modeling using

VHDL; Logic optimization: two level, multi level, circuits; Introduction to VLSI design: MOS

devices, system level design; Introduction to VLSI testing: fault models, testing combination and

sequential circuits.

Alan B.Marcovitz, Intro. To Logic Design, TMH, 2002.

Giovanni De Micheli, Synthesis and Optimization of Digital circuits, 2000

Zvi Kolavi, Switching and finite automata theory, Tata McGraw Hil 2000

Pucknell & Shrayhian, Basic VLSI design systems and circuits, PH India 2000

ParagK.Lala, Fault tolerant & fault testable hardware design, B.S pub, 2003.

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