NIT Goa CS I SEM Computer Programming syllabus

NIT Goa Computer science syllabus  1st Sem






COMPUTER PROGRAMMING                         

Concepts, definitions, taxonomy and history of Computer Programming, Operating systems and

Program Execution basics. Problem solving and programming: strategies, programming paradigms, software development lifecycle. C programming language: C fundamentals, operators and expressions, Data input and output, Control statements, Functions, Arrays, Pointers, Dynamic memory allocations, Structure and unions, Files, Low- level Programming and Macros.

Joyce Farell, A guide to Programming Logic & Design, Course Technology, Thomson learning 2003, Brian W. Kernighan & Dennis M. Ritchie, The C Programming Language, Second edition, Printice Hall Inc., Byron S. Gottfried, Program with C, second edition, Schaums Outline series.

Yashavanth Kanetkar, Let us C – BPB Publications. 2002

Balagurusamy, C Programming – TMH, 2002

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