NIT Delhi Syllabus Networks & Transmission Lines


NIT Delhi Syllabus

Networks & Transmission Lines





Networks: image and iterative impedances. Insertion loss. attenuators & pads. lattice network  and its

parameters. impedance matching  networks. filters: low pass, high pass, band pass and band elimination

filters. constant K and m derived  sections. composite filters. equalisers: inverse impedances. series & shunt

equalizers. T & bridged T equalisers. the lattice  equalisers. transmission line theory: primary & secondary

constants. phase & group velocities. transmission line equations. characteristics of LF lines. RF lines: RF

lines, lossless lines, reflection coefficient  &  VSWR. smith  chart.  impedance matching with single and

double stub.


1. Transmission  Lines and  Networks, JOHNSON, Mc-Graw Hill, 1950.

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