NIT Delhi Syllabus B Tech for Electronic Devices & Circuits-I


NIT Delhi Syllabus

Electronic Devices & Circuits-I




Semiconductors: review of band theory of solids. carrier  concentrations of N and P  type  semiconductors.

Hall effect and its applications. semiconductor diodes: band structure of    P-N      junction. volt-ampere characteristics. zener  and avalanche breakdowns. the principles of photo diode,  LED & LCD. junction

transistor: PNP  and  NPN junction transistors. characteristics  of  the current flow across the base regions.

transistor biasing: DC  bias  and various stabilization circuits. thermal runaway & thermal stability. field

effect transistors:jfet and its characteristics. MOSFET; enhancement ,  depletion  modes.  biasing of FETs.

small signal low frequency transistor amplifier circuits: analysis of transistor amplifier circuits using ‘h’

parameters.   RC coupled amplifier, effect of bypass and coupling capacitors on the low frequency response

of the amplifier. FET amplifiers – low frequency

– 7     –

and high frequency models.  rectifiers: diode as a rectifier,  half  wave,  full  wave  and  bridge

rectifiers. electron dynamics: motion  of charged particles in electric and  magnetic  fields.  principle  of

CRT , deflection sensitivity.



1. Integrated Electronics, MILLIAN & HALKIAS, Mc Graw Hill.

* * * *

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