NIT Agartala Thermal Power Syllabus

NIT Agartala Thermal power Syllabus

ME-701  THERMAL POWER (3-1-0) 4


1. Combustion equipment for burning coal, fuel bed combustion, mechanical  strokers, pulverized coal firing system-its advantages & disadvantages-burners & furnaces. Fluidized bed combustion.

2. Boiler-mounting & accessories, fire tube boilers, water tube boilers-La Mont boiler, Loeffler boiler-Benson Boiler. Drum internals, steam drum separation, water wall, air preheater, economizer, super-heater & electrostatic precipitators, steam generator, losses & heat balance.

3. Principle of circulation-natural forced circulation, drafts-natural, forced, induced & balanced drafts, pressurized fluidized bed  boiler. Flow through nozzle, nozzle shape, critical pressure ratio, maximum flow, effect of friction in nozzle flow under-expansion & over-expansion in nozzle, super saturated flow through nozzle.


1. Principles of action of turbines, classification. Flow through impulse turbine blading, velocity diagram, blade efficiency, optimum velocity ratio, multistage & its advantages, velocity compounded impulse, reheat factor, internal efficiency. State point locus.

2. Flow through reaction turbine blading, velocity diagram, degree of reaction, blade work, blade height. Stage efficiency, optimum velocity ratio, axial thrust in reaction turbine, number of parallel exhausts.

3. Back pressure turbines, pass-out turbines, mixed-press turbine. Losses in turbines, principles of turbine governing.


(i) Thermal Power  – P.L. Balaney.

(ii) Gas Turbine – V. Ganesan.

(iii) Thermal Engineering – Khurmi & Gupta.

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