NIT Agartala Syllabus of Mechanical Vibration

NIT Agartala Mechanical Vibration Syllabus 




1. Undamped free vibration of single degree  of freedom system, damped free vibration, forced vibration of single degree of freedom system, resouance, forced vibration with constant harmonic excitation, forced vibration with rotating and reciprocating unbalance.

2. Forced vibration with excitation of support, forced vibration with coulomb damping& viscous, damping. Determination of equivalent viscous damping from frequency-response curve. Vibration isolation and transmissibility.

3  Two degrees of freedom system. Transverse vibration of shafts.

4.  Critical speed of shaft.

5. Torsional vibration- Single rotor, two rotor, and three rotor system.

6.  Forced torsional vibration with a geared system. Vibration measuring instruments-seiosmometer,accelerometer.



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