NIT Agartala Syllabus Manufacturing Technology-II

NIT Agartala Manufacturing Technology-II Syllabus 




1. Classification of metal removing processes and machines.

2. Mechanics of Metal cutting :  Geometry of single point cutting tool and tool angles. Tool nomenclature in ASA, ORS and NRS  And interrelationship. Mechanism of chip formation and types of chips, Chip breakers. Orthogonal and oblique cutting, cutting forces and power required, Theories of metal cutting. Thermal aspects of machining and measurement of chip tool interface temperature. Friction and metal cutting.

3. Machinability  :  Concept and evaluation of machinability, tool life, mechanisms of tool failure, Tool life and cutting parameters,  machinability index, Factors affecting machinability.

4. Cutting Fluid : Types , Selection and application methods.

5. General Purpose Machine Tools: Constructional; details of lathe, drilling, milling, shaping and planning machines. Tooling, attachments and operations performed , selection of cutting parameters, Calculation of forces and time for machining. Broaching operation.

6. Capstan and turret lathes single and multiple spindle automates, operations planning and tool layout.

7. Abrasive Processes:   Abrasives natural and synthetic , manufacturing nomenclature. Selection of grinding wheels, Wheel mounting and dressing. Machines for surface and cylindrical grinding, their constructional details and processes.

8. Surface Finishing  Honing Lapping and superfinishing, polishing and buffing processes.

9. Screw threads and gear manufacturing methods.

10. Non- Conventional machining:  Benefits, general applications and survey of non- conventional machining processes. Mechanisms of metal removal, tooling and equipments, process parameters, surfacre finishing obtained, and specific application of EDM, LBM,EBM,ECM,USM,AJM processes.


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