NIT Agartala Syllabus for Thermodynamics-I

NIT Agartala Applied Thermodynamics-I Syllabus



1. Definition: Thermodynamic system, control volume, Thermodynamic properties, processes,

cycles, homogenous and heterogeneous system, thermodynamic equilibrium, quasi-static process.

Work Transfer, pdv work, Indicator diagram, free expansion, path function.

2. First Law Of Thermodynamics: Quantity of energy and its measurement. First Law Energy

equation for closed and open loop system under SSSF and USUF condition ; Application of First

Law Energy equation to thermodynamic system components such as boiler, turbine, compressor,

nozzle, expander, pump, condenser; First Law efficiency; First Law analysis of combustion


3. Second Law Of Thermodynamics :Quality of energy and its measurements; Reversible and

irreversible processes; Entropy  and its significance;  Principle of increase of entropy of the

universe; Carnot cycle; Clausius inequality; Application of second law to various thermodynamic


4. Combination of First and Second Law :First and second law combined, reversible   adiabatic

work in a steady flow system, unsteady flow, control system analysis, control volume analysis,

Entropy and disorder, Availability and irreversibility; Second Law analysis of combustion process

5. Properties of pure substances : Pure substances, p –v; p – t; t – s and h – s diagrams;  Steam

tables; charts of thermodynamic properties, dryness fraction of liquid vapour mixtures. Reactive

mixtures and combustion.

6. Introduction of I.C.Engine: Introduction, classification of I.C.Engine, Engine component, The

four stroke cycle, Valve timing, Valve and valve  mechanism, Spark ignition four stroke cycle,

carburetor, air-fuel mixture, compression ignition four stroke engine, diesel four stroke engine, fuel

pump & injector, injection nozzle, comparison of four stroke and two stroke engine.


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