NIT Agartala Syllabus for Strength of Materials

NIT Agartala Strength of Materials Syllabus



1. Simple stresses and strains: Stress, strain, types of stresses, elastic limit, Hook’s

law, Analysis of bars of varying sections, law of superposition, composite bar,

thermal stress,thermal stresses in composite bars, elongation of bar due to it’s own

weight, stress-strain diagram.

2. Elastic constants: Introduction , longitudinal & lateral strain, Poisson’s ratio,

volumetric strain for rectangular bar, Bulk Modulus , Principle of complementary

shear  stress, Relation between various elastic constants .

3. Principle stresses and strain : Introduction, Principle  planes and principle

stresses, methods for determining stresses on oblique section, Analytical method,

Graphical method, Mohr’s circle, use of Mohr’s circle to find Principle stresses.

4. Strain Energy and Impact Loading: Introduction, Resilience, proof resilience,

Modulus of  Resilience, expression for strain energy stored in a body for different

loading conditions  and shear stress.

5. Shear force and Bending moment: Introduction, different types of beams and

loads, S.F & BM diagram for a cantilever, Uniformly distributed load, Simply

supported beam for various types of loading, relation between load, shear force

and Bending moment diagram.

6. Torsion of shafts: Introduction , Basic assumptions, Derivation of shear stress

produced in a circular shaft subjected to torsion, Max. torque transmitted by a

circular and hollow circular shaft. Polar  modulus , strength of a shaft and

tensional rigidity, composite shafts, combined bending and torsion. Strength of a

shaft of varying cross section.

7. Thin and Thick cylinder: Introduction ,Thin cylindrical vessel subjected to

internal pressure, expression for circumferential and longitudinal stress in thin

cylinder , stresses in thick cylindrical shells, stresses in compound thick cylinder.


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