NIT Agartala Syllabus for Mechanical measurement

NIT Agartala Mechanical Measurement Syllbus






1. Introduction :  Introduction to measurement and measuring instruments, Generalised measuring system and functional elements, units of measurement, Static and dynamic performance characteristics of measurement  devices, Calibration ,  concept of error, sources of error, statistical analysis of errors.

2. Sensors and Transducers :Types of sensors, types of transducers and their characteristics.

3. Measurement of displacement and angular velocity

4. Measurement of pressure :  Gravitational, Directing acting, elastic and indirect type pressure transducers, Measurement of very low pressure.

5. Strain Measurement : Types of strain gauges and their working, strain gauge circuits , Temperature compensation, Strain rosettes

6. Temperature Measurement: By thermometers, bimetallic, Thermocouples, thermistors and pyrometers.

7. Measurement of Flow :  Obstruction meters, Variable head meters, Hot wire and magnetic meters, Ultrasonic flow meters  etc.

8. Vibration and Noise measurement :  Seismic Instruments, Vibration pick ups and decibel meters .

9. Limits, Fits & Tolerence:  Introduction to various fits, limits & tolerances, Indian standards of fits & tolerances & grades, gauge design, taylors principle of gauge design, wear allowances, measurement of concentricity & loabed surfaces.


1. Engineering Metrology by R.K. Jain

2. Mechanical Measurement by Backwith & Buck

3. Mechanical Measurement & Instrumentation by D.L.Kumar.

4. Mechanical Measurement & Instrumentation by R.K.Rajput.

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