NIT Agartala Syllabus for Machine Design-I

NIT Agartala Machine Design-I Syllabus




ME-502 MACHINE DESIGN I (3-1-0)4      


1. Fundamentals of Machine Design  – Design philosophy, Various considerations in machine design. Design Procedure, Common engineering materials, I.S.I. specification on steels.

2. Stresses in machine elements:  Types of   Simple stresses , Stress strain relationship, Factor of safety.

3. Design for Strength : Design for static loading, Theories of failures, Stress Concentration Factors, Design for variable  loading,

4. Fasteners : Types of fasteners,  Design of Cotter and knuckle joint, Design of  Key, Coupling : Types, use, Design procedure, working principle of rigid and flexible rubber-bushed couplings.

5. Design of Permanent Joints: Rivets, Types and use of rivet joint , Types and efficiency, design procedure, Welded joint. Bolted Joint.

6. Power Screws:  Power Screw, drives and their efficiency, Design of power screws

7. Design of Shaft :shaft and its design based on strength, Design of shaft for variable load and based on, Combined bending and Twisting moment.

8. Springs: Introduction to Design of Helical Springs Design of Helical Springs for Variable Load  Design of Leaf Springs


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