NIT Agartala Syllabus for IC Engine

NIT Agartala I.C. Engine Syllabus


ME-504  I.C ENGINE (3-1-0) 4


1. Basic types of engines, air standard cycle,  fuel air cycles, actual  cycles, losses in actual engine operation, mep, thermal efficiency. Desirable characteristics of fuels for I.C. engines. Octane number, cetane number, performance numbers. Properties of air-petrol mixtures.

2. Elementary carburetor, complete carburetor, petrol injection.

3. Diesel injection system, fuel pump, fuel injectors and nozzles.

4. Battery ignition system, Magneto injection system, Electronic ignition system using contract breaker, ignition system and spark advance.

1. Theories of combustion in S.I and C.I. engine, methods of reduction of detonation and knock.

2. Combustion chamber types in S.I. and C.I.  engine, Supercharging,  Scavenging of I.C. engines, two stroke S.I and C.I. engines.

3. Lubrication of I.C. engines, properties of lubricating oils, lubricating systems, cooling of I.C engines, air    and water cooling systems.

4. Fundamentals of free piston and rotary engines, performance and testing of I.C. engines, Pollutant emission- formation and control.


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