NIT Agartala Syllabus for Fluid Mechanics-ii

NIT Agartala Fluid Mechanics-ii Syllabus


ME-403  FLUID MECHANICS-II (3-1-0) 4


1. Dimensional and Model Analysis:  Dimensions of fundamental and derived quantities, Dimensional Homogeneity, Reyleigh’s method and Buckingham’s of pie-theorem, Simlitude, dimensionless, Model Laws, classification of models.

2. Flow through Pipes: Major and minor losses of energies in pipes, Hydraulic gradient and total energy lines, flow through pipes in series, equivalent pipe, Flow through parallel pipes, Power transmission through pipes and nozzles, water hammer.

3. Flow in open channel: Uniform flow through open channels, Chezy’s formula, Most economical sections of channel. Non-uniform flow-specific energy and specific energy curve, critical depth  and critical velocity, minimum specific energy, hydraulic jump.

4. Boundary Layer Theory:  Laminar and Turbulent boundary Layer thickness, Vonkarman’s momentum equation, Total drag due to Laminar and turbulent layers on flat plate, separation of boundary layer and it’s control.

5. Forces on submerged bodies: Drag and lift on a stationary body by flowing fluid, expression for drag and lift and dimensional analysis, stream lined and Bluff bodies, Drag on a sphere and cylinder,  Terminal velocity of a body, lift on a airfoil.

6. Compressible flow of Gas dynamics: Thermodynamic relations, continuity  equation, Bernoulli’s equation and  momentum equation, velocity of sound in fluid, Mach no. propagation of pressure  waves in a compressible fluid-Mach angle, zone of action and silence, stagnation properties, Area-velocity relationship for compressible flow, flow of compressible fluid through nozzles-maximum mass flow rate and it’s variation, mass flow rate of compressible fluid through  venturimeter, pito-static tube. Normal and oblique shock waves.


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