NIT Agartala Syllabus for Fluid Mechanics-I

NIT Agartala Fluid Mechanics-I Syllabus

ME- 303 FLUID MECHANICS-I (3-1-0) 4

1. Properties of fluid: Mass and weight density, specific gravity, specific volume, viscosity and

Newton’s law of viscosity, Compressibility, Types of fluid, surface tension and capillarity.

2. Pressure and its measurement: Fluid pressure at a point and Pascal’s law, absolute, gauge and

vacuum pressures, pressure variation in a fluid at rest, pressure measurement-Manometers and

Mechanical Gauges.

3. Hydrostatics: Total pressure and centre of pressure  for horizontal, vertical , inclined plane

surfaces and curved surfaces submerged in liquid. Total pressure and center of pressure on lock


4. Buoyancy and flotation: Buoyancy, center of buoyancy , metacentre and metacentric height and

equilibrium of floating bodies, period of oscillation .Kinematics of flow: Types of fluid flow,

continuity equation in three dimensions, velocity potential function and stream function, forced

and free vortex flow.

5. Dynamics of flow: Euler’s equation and Bernoulli’s equation ,application of Bernoulli’s

equation-venturimeter, orifice-meter, and pitot tube.

6. Orifice and Notches: Flow through orifices, hydraulic  coefficients, time of emptying

hemispherical and horizontal cylindrical tank through an orifice at it’s bottom. Discharge over

rectangular, triangular and trapezoidal notches, velocity of approach.

7. Laminar flow : Flow of viscous fluid through circular pipe-velocity distribution and average

velocity, Hagen Poiseiulle formula, Kinetic energy correction and Momentum Correction factors ,

Navier-Stokes equation of motion.

8. Turbulent Flow: Reynold’s experiment, Loss of head  due to friction in pipes, Reynold’s

expression and Prandtl mixing length theory for turbulent shear stress.


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