NIT Agartala Syllabus for Applied Thermodynamics-II


1. Ideal gas , properties of gases and mixtures of gases, enthalpy change of Ideal gas

,specific heat and  entropy of gas mixture

2. Air standard cycles ,Otto-cycle, Diesel cycle, Limited pressure cycle, comparison

of Otto diesel and dual cycle, Brayton cycle, Stirling cycle and Ericsson Cycle

3. Reciprocating air compressor, single and multistage, Volumetric efficiency

4. Maxwells equation T-ds equation, Joule-Kelvin effect, Types of    equilibrium.

5.  Simple vapour cycles, Rankine cycle, actual Vapour cycle processes, comparison

of Rankine  and Carnot cycle, Reheat cycle, Regenerative cycle, Binary vapour


6. Reversed Heat engine cycles and heat pump, Bell Coleman cycle, Simple   vapour

compression refrigeration cycle, Absorption refrigeration.

7. Properties of atmospheric air, Psychometric chart &processes.



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