NIT Agartala Numerical Analysis and Computer Programming Syllabus

NIT Agartala Numerical Analysis and Computer Programming Syllabus



Numerical Analysis:   Approximation and round off errors; Truncation errors   and Taylor series. Determination of roots of polynomials and transcendental equations by Newton- Raphson, Secant and Barstow’s method. Solution of linear simultaneous algebraic equations by Gauss elimination and Gauss- Siedel iteration methods. Curve fitting; Linear and non-linear regression analysis. Backward; Forward and central difference relations and their uses in numerical differentiation and integration; Application of different relations in the solution of partial differential equations. Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations by Euler; modified Euler Runge-Kutta and predictor-corrector method.


 Computer Programming: Introduction to computer programming in C and C++ languages: Arithmetic expressions; Simple programs ( The emphasis should be more on programming techniques rather than the language itself. The C programming language is being chosen mainly because of the availability of the compiler, books and other reference materials. Example of some C programs; Dissection of the program line by line; Concept of variables; Program statement and function calls from the library. C datatypes: int, char, float etc. C expressions, arithmetic operations, relational and logic operations. C assignment statements, extension of assignment to the operation; C primitive input output using getchar and putchar; exposure to the scanf and printf function. C statements; conditional execution using if, else etc.( Optionally switch and break statements should be mentioned) Concepts of loop; Example of loops in C using for-while and do-while( Optionally continue may be mentioned) One dimensional arrays and example of iterative programs using arrays; 2-d arrays; Use in matrix computations. Concept of sub-programming; Functions; Example of functions; Argument passing mainly for the simple variables.  Pointers, relationship between arrays  and pointers; Argument passing using pointers. Array of pointer; Passing arrays as arguments. Strings and C string library. Structure and unions; Defining C structure; Passing structure as arguments  ( Program examples) File I/O; Use of fopen, fsanf and fprintf routines.


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