NIT Agartala Industrial Engineering And Operation Research Syllabus

NIT Agartala Industrial Engineering And Operation

Research Syllabus



Industrial Engineering :- Concept of Industrial Engineering- its role & applications, Operation Research, Work study : time & motion study, Method study , Principles of motion economy, Workplace layout, Stop watch time study, SIMO chart, Man-machine chart, Therbligs, PMTS, MTM, Worksampling.

Organisation: – Organisation structures, Types, Principles of organization structures, Features of various Ownerships, Company formations- its management and finance, Public limited & private limited company.

Material Management: – Functions of material management, Inventories- its types, Just In Time (JIT) inventory, Concept of EOQ & EBQ, Simple EOQ  model with and without stock  outs, Simple EOQ model with varying demand and production, P- type & Q- type of inventory policies, Selective inventory control like ABC, VED, SDE techniques etc.

Production Planning & Control :-  Functions and role, Value analysis, Exponential smoothing constant and moving average method in demand and production forecasting, Break even analysis.

Quality Management :- Quality vs reliability, Quality maintenance and quality assurance, SQC technique, Acceptance sampling, Concept of TQM, ISO Standards.

Plant Layout :- Location factors, Principles and design, Types of layout, Tools & technique.

Plant Maintenance :- Break down, Scheduled and Preventive maintenance, Steps in preventive maintenance, TPM concept.

Operational Research :- Concept of O.R, Methods of O.R, Concept of optimization, Linear programming, simplex method Transportation problem, Queuing theory. Decision theory, Integer programming, Revised simplex method, network techniques (PERT & CPM), theory of games, Simulation Technique.

Reference Books:

1. Industrial Engineering & Production Management By M. Mahajan, Dhanpat Raj & Sons Publication

2. Industrial Engineering & Management  By O.P. Khanna, Dhanpat Raj & Sons

3. Industrial Engineering & Management By Bunga & Sharma, Khanna Publishers

4. Work Study ILO

5. Operation research — Taha.

6. Operation Research – Hira Gupta.

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