NIT Agartala Dynamics of Machine Syllabus

NIT Agartala Dynamics of machine Syllabus 





1. Inertia Force Analysis In Reciprocating Parts : Introduction , D-Alembert’s principle, Velocity and Acceleration of the piston- Analytical & graphical, Torque in the crankshaft neglecting inertia and friction; Various forces acting on the reciprocating part considering friction and inertia but  neglecting weight of the connecting rod , Correction couple ,Dynamically Equivalent system , Torque on crankshaft considering weight of connecting rod.

2. Gyroscope:  Principle of gyroscope couple;  Effect of gyroscope couple and centrifugal force on vehicle taking a turn ; Stabilization of sea vessels.

3. Turning Moment Diagram and Flywheel:-  Turning moment diagram for different types of Engines Fluctuation of energy and speed ;Flywheel; Flywheel Rim dimensions ; Operation of flywheel in punching press .

4. Governor: Simple functioning of a Governor, porter, Proell, Hartnell and spring controlled, governor effect ,Power stability ; Inertia effects .

5. Balancing:  Balancing of rotating masses in the same and different planes ; Static & Dynamic balancing ; Balancing of  masses; Sawing couple ; Hammer blow , tractive force , Primary and secondary balancing of  a  Locomotive and Internal combustion Engine; Balancing of V-Engines ; Balancing machines.



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