NIT Agartala Compressible Flow & Jet Propulsion Syllabus

NIT Agartala Compressible Flow & Jet Propulsion Syllabus





Adiabatic flow, Rayleigh line & pressure ratio, temperature ratio, heat added to the system. Adiabatic flow friction factor,  Fannoline, normal shock & oblique shock, Prandtl-Meyer flows. Governing equations for inviscid-compressible flows – Static and stagnation properties – Speed of sound and  Mach number. Isentropic flow through variable area passage ducts – Choking of flow. Normal and oblique shocks – PrandtlMeyer flows. Fanno flow – Rayleigh flow.

Fundamentals of jet propulsion – Propulsion cycle – Power and efficiency calculations – Turbojet, turbofan, and turboprop engines – Fundamentals of rocket propulsion. Ramjet engine, Pulse-jet engine, Turbo-jet engine, Turboprop engine, Thrust equation, Ram efficiency, Thermal efficiency of turbo-jet engine, Propulsion efficiency, Overall efficiency of a propulsive system. Introduction to rocket propulsion. Performance, difference of the Air breathing engine & Rocket engine, Rocket propellant.


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