Mumbai University Question Papers Robotics and AI Dec 2011

Mumbai University question papers

 VII Sem CSE Examination Dec 2011

Robotics and AI

N.B.: (1) Question No.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions out of remaining six.

1. (a) Define Automation. Differentiate between soft and hard automation.

(b) list and define Kinematic parameters.

(c) Explain in brief various types of work envelopes.

(d) Explain fundamental rotation. Develope fundamental rotation matrices.

2. (a) Define Direct Kinematics. Develope arm equation for 5-axis RHINO XR3 robot with the help of D-H Algorithm.

(b) Explain PnP operation with sketches.

3. (a) Obtain Inverse Kinematic Solution for 4 axis SCARA robot. 10

(b) Explain various template matching algorithms and compare them. 10

4. (a) Classify robot as per workspace and explain in brief. 10

(b) Explain Bounded Deviation Algorithm (BDA) to obtain straight line motion.

5.(a) List various workspace fixtures and explain them in brief. 10

(b) State the role of shrink and swell operators in robot vision. Differentiate between these operators with suitable examples.

6. (a) List various specifications of robot and explain at least 6 significant specifications with sketches wherever required.

(b) Explain configuration space and also the role of G. V. D. in task planning. 10

7. Write short notes on the following :-

(a) NC VS CNC machines

(b) Interpolated motion

(c) Perspective transformations

(d) Tool Configuration Vector (TCV

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