Mumbai University Question Papers Mobile Computing June 2009

Mumbai University question papers

 VII Sem CSE Examination June 2009

Mobile Computing

N.S.: (1) Attempt any five questions out of given seven questions.

(2) Assume  suitable data wherever required.


1. (a) With neat diagram, explain ‘Bluetooth Protocol Stack.’ 10

 (b) Explain what is spread spectrum? How spreading can be achieved? What are the merits of spread spectrum technique?


2. (a) Differentiate between :-

(i) FDMA and TDMA

(ii) CDMA and GSM.

(b) Describe various modulation techniques used in mobile communication.


3. (a) Explain different methods to increase the capacity of GSM mobile system. 10

(b) What is ‘near far problem’ in CDMAsystem?



(c) What do you mean by frequency reuse concept? 5


4. (a) Draw the architecture of GSM mobile system and explFiin each block.

(b) Explain in detail IEEE 802.11 protocol architecture.


5. (a) What are the advantages of reservation scheme? How collisions are ~voided during data transmission?

(b) Explain various handover techniques in mobile system. 10


6. (a) Compare Digital Audio Broadcasting with Digital Video Broadcasting. 10

(b) ExplainGPRS architecturalreferencemodel and show the protocolarchitecture of the transmission plane for GPRS.


7. Write a short notes on (anytwo) :- 

(a) WML

(b) DECT

(c) Routing Protocols in Ad-hoc Networks

(d) WATM Networks.

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