Mumbai University Question Papers Mobile Computing June 2007

Mumbai University question papers

 VII Sem CSE Examination June 2007

Mobile Computing

N.S.: (1) Question No.1 is compulsory

(2) Attempt a.nyfour out of remaining six questions.

(3) All questions carry equal marks.


1.(a) Explain the vario)lswideband modulation techniqu(~semployed in cellular Imobile technologies.

(b) Discuss various types of Handover& explain the:irmanagement.


2. (a) Explain ‘Blu<::toothprotocol Stack’ with neat diagram~;

‘(b) Explain how high bandwidth internetaccess is a(:hi,~vedusing D\’B.


3. (a) Discuss MACprotocol for IEEE.802.11. [10]

(b) Write detailed noted on indirect TCP(I-TCP)- including its merits & demeriitsover snoopingTCP & mobile TCP.


4. (a) Discuss some: of the routing protocol & strategies suitable fDr ad-hoc mobile wireless network.

(b) Compare Iridium, Globalstar, ICa & Teledesic. [10]


5. (a) Draw block diagram of FHSS transmitter & receiver. Differentiate betwe(mslow frequen(:y& fast frequency hopping.

(b) Elaborate on security handing in wireless/mobil,~network. [10]


6. (a) What do YOllunderstand QoS in mobile network? Explain the parameter which determines QoS.

(b) Explain DECT system architecture n~ferencemodel& protocol architecture: [10]


7.Write short motes on (any two) :-

(a) GSM

  (b) IPv6 in mobile communication

 (c )Architecture& protocol supported by WAP

 (d) COMA

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