Mumbai University Question Papers Intelligent Systems June 2009

Mumbai University question papers

 VII Sem CSE Examination June 2009

Intelligent Systems

N.S. (1) Question No.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four out of remaining questions.


1. Consider the following statements :-

(i) John eats all kinds of food

(ii) Apple is food

(iii) Bread is food

(iv) Anything anyone eats and is not killed is food

(v) Hari eats peanuts and is still alive

(vi) Bill eats everything that Hari eats.

(a) ,Translate the sentences into predicate logic and convert them to CNF form.

(b) P~ove “John eats peanuts” using Resolution.


2. (a) Give the PEAS representation for the following Indicate how different types of Agents will perform in these situations :-

(i) Internet shopping Agent

(ii) Calendar scheduling Agent for an executive..

(b) Describe the different types of task environments. Give examples for each. 10


3. (a) Consider the eight puzzle problem. Use the distance heuristic. Assume an initial position and draw a solution tree using A* algorithm. Indicate clearly the values you consider at each step.

(b) Explain the Min-Maxalgorithm for a 2 player game using any tree. For the same tree indicate the Alpha Beta pruning technique.


4. (a) Draw the block diagram of a Learning Agent and clearly explain the different  Blocks.

 (b) Explain the decision tree algorithm by using the example of an Agent which needs to Make a decision about “Whether to buy a particular house or not” ?


5. (a) Explain General Ontology with respect to measures, composite even~s, times intervals using examples.

 (b) Explain neural network learning and show how it can be used to realize an AND gate.


6. (a) Describe the different comp~>nentsof an expert system using a medical diagnosis system as an example.

 (b) An Agent has to help a human to reach the airport in time to catch his flight. Explain how this can be represented as a planning problem.


 7.Writenotes on :-

 (a) Bayes’ Belief Networks

(b) Agent Communication.

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