Mumbai University Question Papers Intelligent Systems Dec 2008

Mumbai University question papers

 VII Sem CSE Examination Dec 2008

Intelligent Systems

N.S.(1) Question NO.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions from the remaining questions.

1. The lawsays that it is a crime for an Americanto sell weapons to hostile nations. The country Nono, an enemy of America has some missiles; all of its missiles were sold to it by Colonel West, who as an American. Using first order logic prove that Colonel West is a criminal.


2. (a) What is AI? Explain the components ofAIwith suitable diagram.

(b) What do you mean by PEAS? Explain the properties of task environment.


3. (a) Prove that A*search algorithm is complete and optimal among all search algorithms. ..10′

(b) Explain various methods of Knowledge representation with examples.



4. (a) What do you mean by Intelligent Agent? Explain various types of Intelligent agents with suitable diagram.

(b) ExplainAlpha-Beta pruning in Min-Maxsearch. Why itis suitable fortwo player game?


5. (a) Explain the Components and Structure of an Expert System. 10

(b) Describe Hillclimbing search algorithm, what are the problems faced by Hillclimbing search? Suggest method for each problem to overcome.


6. (a) How planning problem is represented? Explain with suitable example.

(b) Explain Genetic algorithms and Evolutionary programming.


7. Write a detail note on (any two) :-

(a) NaturalLanguage Processing

 (b) MultilayerFeed forward Neural Network

(c) Applications of AI.



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