Mumbai University Question Papers Intelligent Systems Dec 2007

Mumbai University question papers

 VII Sem CSE Examination Dec 2007

Intelligent Systems

Q.I. A What is AI? Ex lain the com onents of AI with suitable exam Ie.

(B) Describe the wumpus world according to the properties of task Environments.


Q~2.{AYrI!~pT;;in-General Ontology with reIerence to measures, composite objects,events, times, intervals with suitable exam les.

(B) How planning problem is represented? explain with suitable example.


Q.3.The law says that it is a crime for an American to sell weapons to hostile nations. The country Nono, an enemy of America has some missile; all of its missiles were sold to it by Colonel West, who’ is a American. Using first order logic prove that Colonel west is a Criminal.


Q.4, (A) What do you mean by Intelligent agent?Explain various types of Intelligent agents. State limitation of each and how it is overcome in another type agent.


(B) Consider a 8-puzzle problem and a heuristic function given by taking a sum of the distances of the tiles that are in proper positions. Tiles in proper position have value equal to zero. Using the A* algorithm draw a solution tree for the 8-puzzle problem.’



Q.5. (A)


Explain Supervised, Unsupervised and reinforcement learning with exam les.

(B) Describe Hill Climbing Search Algorithm, what are problems faced by Hill Climbing Search? Suggest method for each problem to overcome.


Q.6. (A) I Show by resolution refutation that each of the following is Tautology.

(i) P ~Q ~ ((R v P ) ~ (P v Q))

(ii) P=> Q => ( ,..,Q=> “”P)

Ex lain S ntax and Semantics of Pro ortionallo ic with exam les.

(B) Explain Alpha-Beta Pruning in Min-Max search. Why it is suitable for Two player Games.


7.Write a notes on the following (any two) :-

(i) Game playing

(ii) Natural Language Processing

(iii) Multilayer feed forward Neural Network

(iv) Expert System: Components and Development.

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