Mumbai University Question Papers Data Structures and Files Dec 2012

Mumbai University question papers

 III Sem CSE – Examination DEC 2012

Data Structures and Files

N.H. :

(I) Question No.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions out of the remaining six questions.

 (3) Assumptions made should be clearly stated.

 (4) Figures to the right indicate marks for each question.

 (5) Assume suitable data whenever required.


(a) Compare Iteration and Recursion.

(b) Explain different types of data structures with example.

(c) Write a program in Java to impliment Binary search on sorted set of integers.

2. (a) Write a program to impliment “copy” command for copying bytes from one file to another file using file I/o commands. Program should make use of command line argument.

(b) Write a program in Java to sort given n integer numb~r using heap sort.

3. (a) Write an ADT for rational numbers addition and multiplication. Addition of two rational numbers a/b and c1d is (ad + cb)  and multiplication of two rational numbers ba a/b and c/d  is ac/bd.

(b) Write a program in Java to find nthterm ofFibbonacci sequence using recursion.


(a) Write a Non-Recursive function for inorder traversal.


(b) Write a pro~am in Java to create a singly linked list and perform. the following operations :

(i) Insert into list

(ii) Search for data

(iii) Delete from list

(iv) Display data.

5. (a) Explain Circular queue and Double ended queue with example.

(b) Write a program in Java to impliment DFS traversal of a graph using adjacency matrix.

6. (a) Write a program to convert an expression from infix to postfix. Use STACKADT array implimentation ofthe above program.

{b) Write a program to construct binary tree for the following pre-order and in-order traversal sequences.

Pre-Order : A B D



In-Order :

 D G B A I-i


7. Write short notes on any four of the following :-

 (a) Threaded binary tree

 (b) Huffman coding

 (c) Applications of stocks

 (d) Indexed sequential search

 (e) Array implimentation oflinked list.

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