Mumbai University Question Papers Data Structures and Files June 2010

Mumbai University question papers

 III Sem CSE – Examination June 2010

Data Structures and Files

N.S. : (1) Question NO.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions from Q.Nos. 2 to 7.

(3) Use diagrams wherever necessary.

(4) Assume suitable data wherever required bust justify the same.

1. (a) Write a program in java to implement Binary search. 10

(b) What is Recursion &write a program in java to implement “Tower of HanoL”

2. (a) Write a java program to implement circular queue using linked list. 10

(b) Construct the binary tree for the inorder and post order traversal sequences given below.


Post Order



3. (a) Discuss Threaded binary tree in detail.

(b) Write the program in java to perform quick sort. Show the steps with example.

4. (a) Explain Huffman Coding with example. Write a java program to create the binary tree using Huffman Coding for the given characters and their frequencies. Print the Huffman Code for each character.

(b) Compare Interation and Recursion.

5. (a) Write a program in java to sort given n integer number using heap sort.

(b) Explain BFS algorithm, explain it by example.

6. (a) Write short note on B-Trees and B+-Trees.

(b) Hash the following in a table of size 11. Use any two collision resolution  techniques :-

23, 0, 52, 61, 78, 33, 10O, 8, 90, 1O, 14.

7. (a) Show with example how graphs are represented in Computer Memory.

(b) Discuss practical application of tress.

(c) Write short notes on :-

(i) AVLTree

(ii) Array Representation of Linked List.

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