Mumbai University Question Papers Data Structures and Files June 2007

Mumbai University question papers

 III Sem CSE – Examination June 2007

Data Structures and Files

N.S. (1) Question No.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions from question

(3) All questions carry equal marks.

(4} Assume..suitable data if required.

I.A) Write a program to create a STACK ADT using linked list hnplementation which support:

a) Create Stack b) Push Stack c) Pop Stack d) Destroy Stack.

B) Discuss the Huffman algorithm & apply encoding method to sentence ‘AURANGABAD’

2.A)’Write a program to convert PREFIX expression to POSTFIX expression.

B) Discuss circular & priority queues.

. 3.A) What are the different ways of traversing a binary tree? Give routines for the same.

B) Write a program to create DOUBLY LINKED LIST which performs the operations like:

a) Insert into list b) Delete from a list c) Search item in list.

4.A) Write a program to implement QUEUE using linked list representation. Give functions to carry out different queue operations.

B) Discuss

a) Functions & Macros in C b) Structures in C.

5.A) Discuss file I/O in C language with different library functions.

B) Write a C function to delete a node from binary search tree. Explain with examples by considering all cases.

6.A) How do represent arithmetic expression using bir!ary tree? \Vrite a C function to that accepts a pointer to such tree & returns value of the expression represented by the tree.

. B) Discuss inorder, preorder & postorder.

7. Write short notes ~

a)Game tree b)Threaded binary tree

c)Dynamic memory & pointers in C language.


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