Mumbai University question papers Computer Organisation and Architecture

Mumbai University question papers

 IV Sem IT

Examination June 2008

Computer Organisation and Architecture

N.S. : (1) Question No.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions out of remaining six questions.

(3) Draw neat labelled diagram wherever necessary.

(4) Answer to each new question to be started on fresh page.

1. (a) Explain Van-neumann Architecture. 6

(b) Compare Computer Organization and Computer Architecture with example. 4

(c) Explain different Mapping techniques of Cache Memory. 10

2. (a) Compare and contrast DMA, programmed I/O and Interrupt driven I/O.

(b) Compare SRAM and DRAM.

(c) Compare RIse alJd CISCo

3. (a) Explain design of control unit with respectto Softwired and Hardwired approach. 10

{b) – Explain IEEE-754-standardformats to represent floating point numbers. 10

4. (a) What is cache coherenoy? Explain differentprotocols to solve cache coherency. 10

(b) Explain Non-Restoring division algorithm for performing 19/4. 10

5. (a) Explain multiplication of signed numbers -13 -5 using Booth’s algorithm. 10

(b) What is virtual memory? Explain Role of paging and segmentation in virtual 10 memo~ •

6. (a) Explain SPARC processor in detail. 10

(b) What is the difference between pipelining and parallelism? Show that k-stage 10 pipelinedprocessor has k-!imes speed up as compared to non-pipelinedsystem.

7. Write short notes on following (any four) :-

(a) Wave front Array

(b) RAID Memory

(c) Static and dynamic dataflow computer

(d) Systolic processor

(e) I/O~processorand I/O channels –

(1) Characteristics of two level memory.

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