Mumbai University Question Papers Computer Organisation and Architecture June 2010

Mumbai University question papers

 III Sem CSE – Examination June 2010

Computer Organisation and Architecture

N.S. : 1) Q.!. Iscompulsory.

2) Solve any four questions out of remaining.

3) Draw neat labeled diagram wherever necessary.

4) Assume suitable data if required. .

 1. (a) Explainin detail characteristics of RISCand CISe.

(b) Explainwith suitable example booth s Algorithmfor signed multiplication.

2. (a) ExplainFlynnsclassification in detail

(b) Definethe term “soft wired and “hardwired”. Explainwith example the soft wired.

3. (a) Explainwith suitable example the difference between computer architecture and computer Organization.

(b) Explain IEEE format for floating point number representation.

 4. (a) State the function of following CPU registers. MAR, MDR, IR, PC, SP.

 (b) What is memory interleaving? Discussvarious memory leaving techniques.

 5. (a) What is pipelining ? Explainwith suitable example the difference between serial executions And pipelined instruction execution.

 (b) Explain SPARC processor.

 6. (a) Explainwithstate diagram MESI(Mutual ExclusiveShaved Invalid) protocol.

(b) Explainand solve the following problem usingby non-restoring division algorithm. Hence [)ivide 10/3.

7. (a) Explain the different RAIDlevels.

 (b) Write short notes on :

 1) DMA

2) Vonneuman model in detail.


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