Mumbai University Question Papers Analog and Digital Communication

Mumbai University question papers


Examination Dec 2009

Analog and Digital Communication


N.B.: (1) Question No.1 is comp~sory.

(2) Attempt any four questions of remaining six questions.


(3) Figures to the right indicate full marks for the question.

(4) Assume suitable data if required. ‘

1. (a) Explain Noise Factor of Amplifier in Cascade.

(b) Compare EM. and A.M. system.

(c) Explain Shannon’s Theorem for channel capacity.

(d) Explain Matched Filter.

2. (a) (i) Explain frequency spectrum of A.M. wave.

(ii) Distortions in the envelope detector.

(b) (i) Effect of Noise in EM. system.

(ii) Explain characteristics of Radio Receiver.

3. (a) Explain pulse width modulation and demodulation.

(b) What is need of multiplexing, explain FDM in detail.

4. (a) Explain delta-modulation and adaptive delta-modulation.

(b) Band limited 4 kHz signal are sampled at the Nyquist rate and quantized into 4 levels Q1′ Q2′ Q3 and Q4 with probability. P1 = P2 = 1/18 and P3 = P4 = 3/8. Find rat~ of information.

5. (a) What is effect of Gaussian Noise on Digital Communication.

(b) Explain inter symbol interference and flow it reduce.

6. (a) Explain Binary phase shifting key (BPSK) system.

(b) Explain QPSK transmitter and receiver system.

7. Write short notes on :-

(a) Cyclic Codes

(b) Noise Triangle

(c) QAM

(d) Thermal Noise.


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